1. This VIP Club program is only for registered members of AS128 Grand.
2. Privileges earned are non-transferable from member to member.
3. In the event of multi-accounting or collusion, members who abuse the VIP Club rewards will have their VIP status revoked and benefits confiscated.
4. Withdrawals for all rebates are subjected to 1x turnover among all our products.
5. For "Sportsbook Rebate", all bets with odds below 0.6(MY) or 1.6(EU) do not count towards turnover.
6. For "Live Casino Rebate", all bets in blackjack or bets placed on opposite sides of games with 2 outcomes (eg. Betting both banker and player in a single round of Baccarat) do not count towards turnover.
7. Withdrawals for "Monthly 30% Deposit Bonus" are subjected to 15x turnover among all our products.
8. “Monthly Free Bonus” will be issued on the 1st of every month and is subjected to 1x turnover among all our products.
9. “Special Prizes” will be issued at the discretion of our VIP Team and may include items such as tickets to events, or signed football jerseys.
10. “Yearly VIP Holiday Trip” will be a pair of air tickets valued at up to SGD 2000 to any destination of the member’s choice.
11. AS128 Grand reserves the right to amend the rules of the VIP Club at any time without any prior information.
12. Members who do not fulfill the deposit requirement to maintain their current VIP level will be downgraded in the next calendar month.
13. General Terms & Conditions stated in AS128 Grand are applicable.